The Latest Toys and Games for all ages.

There are a wide range of toys out there that your kids will love, and will no doubt spend many hours being entertained in lots of different ways. Your children may even be learning something as they play. You can even play together as a family and have some fun yourself. Read on to discover more about the latest toys and games consoles available. 

Games Consoles

Sony PlayStation 4 Pro (1TB) Console with Red Dead Redemption 2 Bundle
Xbox One S 1TB Two-Controller console
from £236.00
Nintendo Switch - Neon Red/Neon Blue

Read more about the latest games consoles and virtual reality headsets here, where you can also find links direct to our individual product pages.


Electronic Toys

Fire HD 8 Kids Edition Tablet, 8" HD Display, 32 GB, Blue Kid-Proof Case
Kidizoom® Duo 5.0 Camera Pink (new version)
Kidizoom® Duo 5.0 Camera Blue (new version)
KONG Squiggles Dog Toy, Blue, Large
-£3.12 (40%)

Wonder Workshop Dash Robot

This robot has been named one of the best STEM toys on the market. It teaches kids ages 6+ how to code, while playing, singing and dancing. Kids can teach their robot may different things, from avoiding obstacles and to respond to instructions. You can be sure that they won’t get bored of their robot easily, as the app has lots of puzzles to keep play exciting.


VTech Kidizoom Camera Pix

This Camera stores photos on a memory card. It comes with basic features like zoom, it is equipped with a mode you can use to take selfies, photo effects, and a number of in-built games. The camera is not easily broken either, so it’s great for children to play with, or allows them to get creative.


Fisher-Price Think & Learn Code-a-Pillar Toy

This toy is great way for children to learn how to solve problems. Kids can learn to draw pathways for the caterpillar to go down, or learn to select a destination for it to reach.


Anki Overdrive Starter Kit

The Anki Overdrive Kit lets kids control the cars using their phones, racing them around a track and having fun with the advanced weapons.

There are different settings that provide versatile gameplay. Often software updates can be downloaded from the app, which keep gameplay fun and engaging.


VTech Drop and Go Dump Truck

This cute toy dump truck has great feedback from players, so you know it will be a great gift for kids aged from 6 months to 3 years. The VTech Drop and Go Dump Truck is both fun and educational, it’s bound to keep toddlers captivated. 

Kids can use the string attached to take the truck around with them. There are some buttons on the toy that play melodies and teach toddlers about colours and tools.


Retevis RT628 Kids Walkie Talkies

These classic toys provide as much fun for kids today as they ever did. These are great children of 3 and older, letting them be explorers, detectives and anything and anyone else they can dream up.


Arts and Crafts

If your children enjoy getting involved in arts and crafts, there are hundreds of easy things to make with simple tutorials that you and your children can follow. Some need no preparation and take only minutes to complete, whilst some are more engaging crafts which require more time, but that you and your kids will be sure to find fulfilling and entertaining.  Toys Plus

One of the most inexpensive ways to do arts and crafts is through paper crafting.  You can make anything you can think off, from paper spider Halloween decorations, to snow angels for Christmas. At certain times of the year, you can bring in some materials from nature to enrich your family’s crafting experience. For example, you could incorporate some leaves into your crafts during autumn, or include flowers in some way in spring. You could even make Origami flowers. As well as paper, rocks are also great to use in your arts and crafts. This can be a great way to spend time and make memories with your kids.     


Fancy Dress and Costume

Do your kids love dressing up? There is a huge range of boys’ fancy dress costumes out there, encompassing a wide variety of characters & themes. These include everything from superheroes, Star Wars characters and pirates, to Halloween costumes. You are sure to find a costume perfect for any play, party or special occasion that your boys’ will love.  They could chose to dress up as a Jedi, a Sith or a Wookie, or to become their favourite character from a book for the day. For example characters from the world of Roald Dahl, like the BFG or Charlie Bucket.  

For girls who enjoy dressing up, you can bring the magic of Disney into their lives Disney fancy dress costumes. From classic Disney characters like Belle, and Ariel, to characters from more modern classics, like Moana, to Anna and Elsa, you can find a great costume for everyone.

Save the world in a superhero costume. You can choose to dress up as Wonder Women, Bat Girl or Super Girl, to name just a few. There are plenty of Roald Dahl costumes that any girl would love just waiting to be found too. 


Board Games

In a world where children are surrounded by technology, whether it be in the form of iPhone’s, laptops, games consoles or smart TV’s, it can feel like technology is taking over. Board games are a great way for kids to take a break from that, and play together in another way while learning new skills, like following and memorising rules and instructions. There are different genres of board games on offer, ranging from fantasy and strategy through to skill and quiz-based games and more. Here are some of some of the most sought after games.


Guess Who? (Aged from 6, need two players)

This is a great identification game, which has been modernised to update it. There are now a number of sheets you can download for more gameplay options than you had in the past. You also have the chance to change the rules, if you want to.


Ticket to Ride. (Aged from 8, for 2-5 players)

A travel game involving journeying around the world, planning and collecting. Players try to visit the greatest number cities over a week. This can be done by connecting cities and building train routes.


Pay Day. (Aged from 8 / for 2-4 players)

This is a finance-based game, from the creators of Monopoly. Players have make sure they don’t spend all their money, they choose how much to use and what to keep in reserve before they are paid.  Bills and offers occur throughout the game to keep the game interesting. Money management this exciting!


Labyrinth. (Aged 7 upwards, designed for 2-4 players)

Labyrinth is a beautifully made, well-thought board game, about a treasure hunt and has been popular for years. Players aim to locate treasures in a maze. The board changes when a tile is pushed, which changes the accessible pathways multiple times during any given game. You can make this game harder as your children improve, meaning your kids can grow up with the game.


Dixit. (Aged 7 upwards, requires 3-6 players)

A long-term favourite, this is a beautifully designed games involving telling stories, guessing and bluffing. Players have to guess which card the player telling the tale is talking about. The stories are taken from cards, on the board. The ability to hinder players progress make things much less simple. It’s an engaging game for children.


Trivial Pursuit Family Edition. (Ages 8 and over, need 2-6 players)

Parents and their kids can play Trivial Pursuit together, with two packs of cards, one for kids and one for adults. The fun will last a long time with this game. Once kids grow up they can use the other trivia to test their knowledge.


Risk. (Ages 10 and over, need 2-5 players)

In this game, the aim of players is to try to dominate the map, and world by using tactics to expand. You can gain land, make pacts and take down chosen players together to maximise the fun. It’s a great way to express sibling rivalry, and is sure to keep kids entertained.


Takenoko. (Ages 8+ / 2-4 players)

This less-well known game is brilliant once you understand its quirkiness. China have given Japan a hungry panda, which you, playing as the gardener, have to care for in the Emperor’s bamboo garden. The challenge is in cultivating bamboo, at the same time as keeping the panda and garden thriving. It’s chaos. The Chibis expansion gives you more playability and extra rules if you wish.


Monopoly Junior. (Ages 5 and over, need 2-4 players)

This is simpler version of Monopoly. It’s a good simple way to introduce the idea of making money. It targets younger players. In contract to the traditional Monopoly, players can spend money on things like a sweet shop or a zoo.



Jigsaws are a great way for children to both learn and have fun. Puzzles are a great way to challenge kids, encouraging them to have fun and enjoy learning. There are puzzles available for everyone, and you will be sure to find some that are ideal for your children, regardless of their age or skill at solving them. 

You can find easy 2- piece jigsaws for children as young as 18-months old, all the way through to challenging 150-piece jigsaws designed to challenge older children. There are lots of educational puzzles available which cover a wide range of appealing themes, from animals, transport, history and dinosaurs.


Play and Action Figures

With lots of figures available, ranging from Thunderbirds to Stretch Armstrong right through to Disney’s Elsa there is bound to be a figure your kids would love to have.  Here are some of the figures to look out for.



You can now buy advanced Stormtroopers, featuring fifty sound effects and motion sensors that respond to movement.


Danger Mouse Talk and Pose Action Figure.

This action figure has an eyepatch that glows in the dark, he talks, repeating phrases from the series and has a jet pack you can remove.


Stretch Armstrong

This is by far the scratchiest action figure around. It’s designed to stretch to four times its original size.  


Disney Frozen Northern Lights Elsa Doll.

This Elsa Doll can say 40 phrases. She also sings and lights up, it has all the features you could wish for.


Stargazer Lottie Doll

Lottie dolls were launched to be the opposite of Barbie, with age-appropriate body shape and clothing, rather than a sexualised figure. There have been various versions, including a lighthouse keeper and a fossil hunter, and now this stargazing girl. She has many different outfits you can get too.


Thunderbirds Brains and Max Action Figures

These two figures of Brains and his robot helper Max, will provide kids with hours of fun. They are characters taken from the TV programme first launched in 1965.



There are great toys and games for you and your children to discover. What are you waiting for?